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Senior Program Friendly Visiting:

We are always looking for flexible volunteers who are willing to help out with housekeeping or home/yard maintenance for seniors with limited mobility or ability to care for their own space on a one-time basis. Please contact if you are able to offer occasional home and garden assistance.

  1. Senior looking for help with Organizational tasks: a 64 year old male retired graphic designer  located in the NW neighborhood is needing assistance with housekeeping, occasional shopping and organizational support around the house.
  2. Short-term help for senior ASAP: Client currently lives on the 3rd floor in an old apartment with an unreliable single elevator and a laundry unit of the 1st floor. Client uses an oxygen tank 24/7 and has difficulty juggling laundry and oxygen. She needs assistance with light housekeeping- sweeping, mopping and laundry for about 6 months.
  3. Pearl Location: 90 y/o woman living alone in an apartment in NW Portland. She is asking for help with light housekeeping: vacuuming, changing bedding, laundry and grocery shopping.
  4. Housekeeping Help Needed in the Pearl: 82 y/o female client who recently moved to Portland is still getting settled and could use some help unpacking the last of her boxes. She is hoping to find someone to help with light housekeeping, such as vacuuming and dusting. She has some mobility issues and rarely leaves her apartment so she would enjoy the extra company as well.
  5. Food Prep help in NW Portland: Lovely 89 y/o woman living in NW Portland requesting assistance with food prep, to have ready to go meals for the month. She loves to cook but has difficulty with range of motion. She is asking for help once or twice a month for a few hours at a time.
  6. NW Portland client seeking companionship: This client is a very kind, easy-going woman experiencing Parkinson’s Disease. She hopes to connect with someone to provide companionship, and possibly even join her on walks and games of ping-pong in her building’s game room.
  7. NW Portland client needs support: A 71 year old woman, living with her cat in an apartment in NW Portland needs your support. The clients physical health condition impacts her ability to complete daily living tasks. She needs help with organizational support and housekeeping.

SAGE Friendly Visiting:

  1. SAGE Yardwork: Older couple living in NE Portland is looking for yardwork assistance. They have all the tools and supplies needed for the job, just looking for someone to help out.
  2. SAGE Client in SE seeking General Assistance: A SAGE client in SE Portland near 41st and Belmont (near bus lines) is looking for companionship and support to get out in the community. He is particularly interested in going to farmers market, coffee shops and help getting to/from SAGE events. He has low vision and hopes to improve his self-advocacy skills. This client may request transportation and help advocating for himself at medical appointments.
  3. NW Portland: 85 y/o male client is no longer able to safely carry his laundry up and down the steps of his home. He is seeking assistance with getting to/from laundromat and companionship while there.
  4. SAGE Client in SE Portland: The client is looking for help with light organization, craft projects and companionship.
  5. SAGE Client in Outer NE Portland: 63 y/0 trans man living in a shared housing situation with a senior cat who is shy. This senior is looking for light housekeeping support, transportation for brief errands and companionship to help with isolation.
  6. SAGE Client in Old Town/Chinatown: This client is a very funny, social older woman seeking companionship. She experiences chronic fatigue and pain, which limits her ability to get out and socialize. She is fairly new to Portland and hopes to eventually get out and explore the city with her volunteer.


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