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Senior Program Friendly Visiting:

We are always looking for flexible volunteers who are willing to help out with housekeeping or home/yard maintenance for seniors with limited mobility or ability to care for their own space on a one-time basis. Please contact if you are able to offer occasional home and garden assistance.

  1. Senior looking for help with Organizational tasks: a 64 year old male retired graphic designer  located in the NW neighborhood is needing assistance with housekeeping, occasional shopping and organizational support around the house.
  2. Short-term help for senior ASAP: Client currently lives on the 3rd floor in an old apartment with an unreliable single elevator and a laundry unit of the 1st floor. Client uses an oxygen tank 24/7 and has difficulty juggling laundry and oxygen. She needs assistance with light housekeeping- sweeping, mopping and laundry for about 6 months.
  3. Pearl Location: 90 y/o woman living alone in an apartment in NW Portland. She is asking for help with light housekeeping: vacuuming, changing bedding, laundry and grocery shopping.
  4. NW Portland client needs support: A 71 year old woman, living with her cat in an apartment in NW Portland needs your support. The clients physical health condition impacts her ability to complete daily living tasks. She needs help with organizational support and housekeeping.
  5. Downtown client needs support: Client is recovering from surgery and has limited ability to move/lift things. Looking for help with housekeeping, organizing and grocery shopping.
  6. Pearl client seeking assistance: Client lives alone and is in chronic hip pain and requested some help with companionship, cleaning and help with walking her dog. Client does not have any family to help her but is very sweet and in good spirits.
  7. Client seeking walking partner: This client experiences health conditions that put her at risk for falls. She would like more opportunities to get out and exercise safely. Needs someone who likes to take walks to join her. Located in downtown Portland area.
  8. NW Portland client seeking companionship: 80 yr old male client lives alone with his cat and is seeking companionship- someone to talk to and share his love of fixing watches and making leather crafts. Back in the day you could find him riding a Harley. Now you might see him on his two-wheeled motorized scooter on his way to the store. Client has significant dementia so someone who can be patient and understands a bit about dementia and would be a good fit. May need a little help around the house but mostly looking for someone to talk with.
  9. Female client seeking housekeeping and companionship: NW Portland 73 year old client living in an apt. is in need of light housekeeping and laundry assistance. She enjoys going for walks but is on oxygen so she is hoping to find someone to take short walks with her. as a former radiology tech, she loves to talk about the medical field.
  10. Downtown Portland client seeking support: 66 yr old female client living alone in a studio apartment. She is looking for a m/f ages 30 or older for help decluttering her space. Due to her health conditions it makes it difficult to do housekeeping. She needs organizational help to make the space work. Looking for short term help but is open to ongoing volunteer assistance. Volunteer must be willing to help declutter and take donations to Goodwill.
  11.  Downtown/PSU area SAGE client seeking housekeeping help: Client lives alone in an apartment. Chronic medical conditions inhibit his ability to do housekeeping work independently.
  12. Downtown client needs help unpacking: Very friendly and warm client currently lives alone and is wheelchair bound. She moved into her apt 4 months ago and still has boxes to unpack. She suffers from chronic pain and has trouble completing many everyday tasks, and is unable to life enough weight to move things around in her home.
  13. Short-term client seeking assistance Downtown: 74 y/o woman living in Downtown Portland, recently experienced a fall and is in need of light housekeeping help for a short term. She is hoping to get well soon so she can start swimming again.
  14. Ongoing assistance needed by male downtown client: Client lives alone in a studio downtown. He is not able to keep up with housekeeping or prepare meals due to health conditions.

SAGE Friendly Visiting:

  1. SAGE Yardwork: Older couple living in NE Portland is looking for yardwork assistance. They have all the tools and supplies needed for the job, just looking for someone to help out.
  2. SAGE Client in Old Town/Chinatown: This client is a very funny, social older woman seeking companionship. She experiences chronic fatigue and pain, which limits her ability to get out and socialize. She is fairly new to Portland and hopes to eventually get out and explore the city with her volunteer.
  3. North Portland SAGE client seeking companionship: This female client, whose partner has recently passed, is seeking a female volunteer to join her in activities like going for walks or out to eat. Client has 2 cats and enjoys art and quilting.
  4. NW client seeking female volunteer: 69 y/o woman living near upper W. Burnside area near Washington Park is seeking a woman to help with light housekeeping and laundry. She shares her 1 bedroom apt with her sweet Maine Coon cat. Due to chronic health condition, she is in a lot of pain and struggles to keep up with housekeeping. Must be ok with cats.


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