Preschool Parent Reviews

“I appreciate the love involved. I mean my kids expressed such intense positive emotions regarding the whole staff. There is so much more than just teaching. The kids and teachers respect each other.”

“Friendly House has helped us connect with our neighborhood on a deeper level and contributed to our sense of community. The staff is wonderful. They support the individual children and families.”

“The teachers are wonderful and it will be so sad to go. I love that the class atmosphere is so relaxed and welcoming. The class projects are great. And I love the cultural, socioeconomic diversity. It feels great! My child has shown so much social improvement. I love feeling part of the community that we are in and Friendly House is a huge part of that—a neighborhood rock.”

“I loved this program, how welcome our family has felt. I love that we had such a small child to teacher ratio, that men are teachers (men often being absent during early childhood) as well. The volunteer staff has been sweet and supportive as well. I was hesitant to put my child in preschool, I didn’t enjoy it as a child myself and feared it would just be a daycare substitute. This program has far exceeded my expectations.”

“This program has helped my child learn to help himself.”

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