Summer Programs at Friendly House

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for ages 6th–8th Graders, and call (503)228-4391 to sign up!

Fun themes, hands-on projects, field trips and MORE! Friendly House offers summer programs for 1st-6th graders with our talented staff at our welcoming, conveniently located campus.  We have scholarships available for qualifying families.  Click here to sign up!

Come for one week or stay all summer! The following weeks still have openings: 

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! 4-6th grade campers have extra fun with extended experiences, like additional field trips and advanced activities.

Camp Dates for 2017: 
June 19-August 18, 2017
Camp Times:
9am-4pm, Monday-Friday; before- and after-care available from 7-9 and 4-6.
$250/1-week session (before- and after-care $30 extra each per week)
*Session 3 cost is $200 with before- and after-care at $20 each
$600/2-week swim session (before- and after-care included)

Session 1: JUNE 19-23, 2017: “A Day In the Life of a Bug” –  Click here to sign up, 1st-6th graders

Can you imagine trying to walk with six or eight legs at the same time? Or ever wonder what life might be like with an exoskeleton? Well if not, after this week of camp you just might! We’re getting down and dirty; going all microscopic on those maggots, millipedes, and moths; and investigating what life might be like for an insect or arachnid. If you’ve ever had a curiosity for caterpillars and crickets, a love for ladybugs, a passion for praying mantis, or just a general interest in invertebrates, then we’ve got five fantastic days of camp for you. Let’s bug out!

Session 1 Field Trips: OMSI “Bug Me” Life at Friendly House and Bug Safari at three NW Portland Parks

Session 1 4th-6th Grade Extended Experience: Insect Tour at PSU Museum of Natural History

**Dates for session 1 could be changed or canceled, pending Portland Public School’s decision on the last day of school for the 2016-17 school year.  We will keep families informed as soon as have information.  Full refunds will be issued for canceled sessions.


IMG_5805Session 2: JUNE 26-30, 2017: “Back In the Pioneer Days”  –  Click here to sign up, 1st-6th graders

Round the oxen up, pack those prairie schooners, and let’s get this wagon train a-movin’! This week we’re hitting the trail… The Oregon Trail! Each day of camp will be filled with fun games, projects, and hands-on experiences that will give campers a glimpse of what life was like for emigrants, including kids just like them, who traveled out West to settle the Oregon Territory to start a new life and a new state. We’ll play our own live-action multi-player version of the well-known Oregon Trail game, dress up for ‘old-timey’ pioneer photos, and take a special trip to the End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center in Oregon’s first capitol, Oregon City.

Session 2 Field Trip: End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center, Oregon City

Session 2 4th-6th Grade Extended Experience: Private Pioneer Breakfast


Session 3: JULY 3 + 5-7, 2017: “Better Than a Day At the Beach” (NO CAMP JULY 4)  –  Click here to sign up, 1st-6th graders

Is there anything better than a day at the beach? How about a day at the beach with the friendliest day camp in town?! Not only will we spend a day at one of our favorite beachfront state parks, but we’ll also spend the rest of the week learning about the ocean and coastal habitats. From anemones to zooplankton, Blue Crab to Blue Whales,  sea lions to sea stars, there’s a whole lot to see in that deep blue sea! Whether it’s a lively gym game of Sharks & Minnows, making a big batch of Seafood Stew, or creating a jellyfish using recycle art materials, we’ve got something for everyone at our week ‘by the sea’.

Session 3 Field Trip: Cape Lookout State Park, Tillamook

Session 3 4th-6th Grade Extended Experience: 4.8-mile hike and lunch on the Cape.


Session 4: JULY 10-14, 2017: “Sweet As a Summer’s Day” –  Click here to sign up, 1st-6th gradersIMG_5951

Like a peach picked at the peak of the season or a sweet strawberry freshly snipped from the vine; it’s the taste of summer at its sweetest! Here in the Willamette Valley we couldn’t be luckier when it comes to nature’s sweet treats of summer. In honor of our region’s beautiful summer bounty, we’ve dedicated a week of camp to tasting all the season has to offer. With loads of delicious cooking activities, fun gardening projects, a different fresh and local fruit or vegetable to try each day of camp, and outdoor excursions to some of Portland’s most local farms on Sauvie Island; this is one week of camp that’s going to be too sweet to miss!

Session 4 Field Trips: Berry picking at Columbia Farms, Sauvie Island

Session 4 4th-6th Grade Extended Experience: Hands-on Farming at Sauvie Island Produce Farm


Session 5: JULY 17-21, 2017:“Imagine a Day When…”  –  Click here to sign up, 1st-6th graders

Are you a daydreamer? Do you like to imagine what might be possible? Have you ever wanted to be an inventor? Or maybe an engineer? Well, we’ve got five days full of exciting activities and experiments to stretch your imagination and spark innovation in all of us. Learn about some of the greatest inventors in history such as—Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Margaret Knight, George Washington Carver, The Wright Brothers, Henry Ford, Guillermo González Camarena, Steve Jobs, and Stephanie Kwolek. Join us as we research, design, and engineer our way to a better (and way more awesome) tomorrow!

Session 5 Field Trips: OMSI “Imagineering: Rollercoaster Madness” Engineering Lab at Friendly House and Roller Skating at Oaks Park

Session 5 4th-6th Grade Extended Experience: Roller Coasters at Oaks Park


IMG_5789Session 6: JULY 24-28 + JULY 31-AUGUST 4, 2017: “Around the World in 80 Days” – TWO-WEEK SWIM SESSION #1  –  Click here to sign up, 1st-6th graders

We may only have two weeks for this swim session, but nevertheless, we’re setting off on a whirlwind tour of the world. During our 10-day journey around the globe, we’ll spend one or two days learning about each of the seven continents as we make art and food from different cultures, use Google Earth and GeoGuessr to explore countries we’ve never seen before, and play games loved by kids in other parts of the world. Each camper will also participate in daily swimming lessons at Sellwood Outdoor Pool with Portland Parks & Rec swim instructors, as well as a weekly Open Play Swim Session with the Friendly House camp staff.

Session 6 Field Trips: Daily Swim Lessons and Weekly Open Play Swim at Oaks Park plus the Japanese Garden

Session 6 4th-6th Grade Extended Experience: Tea and a Treat at Jade Teahouse, Sellwood


Session 7: AUGUST 7-11 + AUGUST 14-18, 2017 “The Dog Days of Summer” – TWO WEEK SWIM SESSION #2  –  Click here to sign up, 1st-6th graders

Do you dread those Dog Days of Summer? Does the scorching heat of a hot August sun get you down? Well, cheer up, pup, because there’s no way to be sad when there’s a friendly dog or cat around! Whether you like them furry and fluffy or prefer your animal friend a little more scaly or slimy, this two-week session of camp is about all of our favorite pets, as well as their vets. We’ll make dog and cat treats to take to the Oregon Humane Society, learn to swim like goldfish during daily swim lessons with the swim instructors at Sellwood Outdoor Pool, and play ‘pet-friendly’ games in the park. Chances for special guest appearances from Friendly House staff pets are high! And “Who knows?” maybe you’ll even meet Thurman, the official Friendly House dog.

Session 7 Field Trips: Daily Swim Lessons and Weekly Open Play Swim at Oaks Park plus a tour at the Oregon Humane Society

Session 7 4th-6th Grade Extended Experience: Behind-the-scenes tour at a veterinary hospital

Questions? Contact us – we’re happy to help!


Phone: 503-228-4391

Mail: 2617 NW Savier St. Portland OR 97210,

Or in person: 1737 NW 26th (corner of Thurman and 26th)

Payments and Deposits

  • Registration will be held on a first-come-first-served basis beginning Feb. 13, 2017.
  • A non-refundable deposit of $50.00 per week is required at the time of registration.
  • A list of activities for the session and other pertinent information will be emailed 1 week before the start of each session.
  • Full payment is due 14 days before the start of each session. If registration takes place less than 2 weeks before the session begins, full payment is due at time of registration.  Entry to camp sessions will NOT be allowed for families whose previous balances are not paid in full.  Refunds for canceled sessions will not be provided if a cancellation is made less than 14 days prior to the start of the session.
  • Scholarships Available!  Questions on scholarships? Please contact us by email ( or by phone at 503-228-4391.


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