Friendly Fruit Jam

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Friendly House Preschool relies on fundraising to remain accessible to children of all income levels. One of the ways we raise funds is by selling jam. The berries are donated by local farms, and volunteers pick the berries and make the jam. All the proceeds go directly to our preschool!

How you can help support Friendly Fruit and our Preschool:


Jam is available at Friendly House for $6 per jar or 3 jars for $15. It is also available for purchase at New Seasons Market (Slabtown location), Food Front Cooperative Grocery, and Northwest Neighborhood Veterinary Hospital.
Can your business help Friendly Fruit? Can you sell it at your coffee shop or boutique? Buy it as a gift for clients?
Bulk discounts available!

Sponsor our Jam

Thank you to 2016’s sponsors:

Selco Community Credit Union

Food Front Cooperative Grocery

The Eikenberry Family

Northwest Neighborhood Veterinary Clinic

Sponsorship covers the costs of jars, labels, sugar and pectin so that every dollar of the proceeds can go to Friendly House Preschool.

Raspberry – $1000

  • Largest logo on each jam label
  • Logo featured on our website and on order forms
  • Posting on social media promoting sponsorship

Blackberry- $500

  • Logo on each jam label
  • Logo on website and on order forms
  • Posting on social media promoting sponsorship

Strawberry – $250

  • Logo on website
  • Posting on social media promoting sponsorship

For more information about sponsoring, or any questions about our jam please call or email Monique Eldridge – (503) 935-5287

We hope you will order a jar or two and experience our jam – it’s delicious and our Preschool thanks you!


“I did not want to miss the chance to help out with jam making to benefit the Preschool.  It was a very special place for my son and I want future kids to have as much, if not more, at the Preschool.” Alice David, former Preschool parent

“Making jam for the Friendly House Preschool was a wonderful way for my boys and me to give back to the Preschool.” Christyne Marten, former Preschool parent and member of the Friendly House Board of Directors


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