The Friendlies

The 2019 Friendlies: A Celebration of our Volunteers and Partners

Thursday, April 18 2019, at 6–8pm
The Friendlies are our way of recognizing those who have demonstrated exceptional support in their commitment to Friendly House. Join us in cheering them on and saying “thank you!”
Light appetizers, wine, and refreshments.
Families welcome.

The History of The Friendlies

FH Awards Composite

The Friendlies honors community members, partners and volunteers who help us build & support the community. We gather each spring to recognize their outstanding contributions of time, talent and treasure.

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2018 Award Winners

Download the 2018 Friendlies Program

Friend of Friendly House Award:

This award recognizes individuals, families, groups or businesses that have provided exceptional support to Friendly House by sharing their time, energy, or resources.

2018: Dirty Birdie, Elliqua Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation, Peri Morlan, Charlotte Rubin, Beverly Schnabel, Leasa Wilkens

Past recipients:

2017: Vanessa Bazzani, Dan Steffey, Chris Carson, Jessica Marlitt; 2015: Ellen Goldschmidt, SELCO Community Credit Union, Clear Creek Distillery, Jen Hendrickson, Evergreen Consulting, Mike Clark, Alice Harris, Angel McMillan, Jud & Barbara Longaker, Briggs & Crampton (1998); Dorothy Dixon, Forest Park Credit Union, Dr. George & Ethel Long (1999); Kristi Holden, Dan Fleming, Bob and Dorothy Poznanski, and Mike Price (2001); Ann Van Orman (PCC), Allan Classen (Northwest Examiner), Linfield College Student Nurses, Northwest Trader Joe’s, Rick Michaelson, CC Chung, Nancy Stevens, Hoffman Construction (Cary Bubenik, Mick McKay, & Jeff Stewart) (2002); Ted Kaye, Legacy Health Systems/Good Sam, Vaughan Hill (2003), Claire Turner, Northwest Portland Ministries and SIM (2004); Catriona Madill, Trilogy Video, Tony Carson, and Ellen Goldschmidt (2005), Templeton Foundation, Elizabeth Lory (posthumous), Hazel Sherwood (posthumous) (2006); Mary Ann Watson, Friendly House Senior Quilters, Linfield School of Nursing, Dr. Charles Bleusko, Murphy McGrew, Jayne Morris, Angel McMillan (2007), Amy O’Neill and Ruth Roth (2008); Con-Way, Sarah and John Ferguson, Slabtown Community Festival Committee (2009); Alleyn Yasskin, Sharon Messerschmidt & Jo Hamilton, Consuelo Tolosa, Street of Eames (2010); Jud & Barbara Longaker Family, Steve & Vicky Byers, Lexie Mobley, Ambiance Committee, Pomarius Nursery/Peter Lynn (2011); Meyer Memorial Trust, Steve & Vicky Byers, Judie Dunken (Keller Willliams), Ted Kaye, HomeStreet Bank (2012); Debra Lande, Bill Hart, John Calvin (2013).

Volunteer Award

Given to an individual or group that has made a significant volunteer contribution to one or more of Friendly House’s programs.

2018: Jason Abrams, Nadia Ayash, Denison Beach, Valerie Cupp, Hitomi Kawashita, Alleyn Yasskin

Past Recipients:

2017: Natalie Maciukenas, Cathy Przybylowicz, Bob Hinger, Maia Powloski, Liza Burney, Carol Baker; 2015: Kate Levine, John Huth, Jo Prestwich, Jazz McGinnis, Schwabe Williamson & Wyatt, Tim Godfrey, Jonell Kraus, Anna ZamarripaDee and Alan Lassen, Jessica Marlitt, Scott Rotter (1999), Autumn Bradley, Steve Fradkin, Manny Tailblum, Dave Reinertson (2000), Bernie Lowenthal (2001); Kim and Larry Diener (2002); Daniel Castleton, Bob Kelly & Ed, Charlie Metcalf, Francesca Hartman (2003), Rachel Borken, George McCargar, Rayne Miller, Allan Peterson and Kevin Moore (2004); Megan Wentworth, Jeff Brown, David Wilson, Marla Gardener, Joan Johnson, Steve Aman, Nicole Pittman, Patty Kearns (2005), Betty Marino, Prentice Ross, The Loy family, Mayumi Sekigawa, Linda Stadler, Lisa Hamilton, Jaime Cropper, Anne-Merle Geuverink (2006); Tom Chamberlin, Louis Sargent, John Utz, Frank James Mabry, Tom Lipsett, Carol French (2007), Eugene Woodworth, John Knapp, Koll Reynolds, Peg Henwood and Kathy Svani (2008); Tyler Calhoun, Roy Simengaard, Marvin Mitchell, Billy Callis, Eileen McClary, Wendy & Earle Blanton, Maria Torres, Senior Program Newsletter Folders (2009); Mimi Newhouse, Judy Chuang, Rachel Borkan, Linda Cameron, Margarita Rangel, Howard Begay (2010); Max Micozzi Jones, Nancy Allen, Mathew Hill, Erin Plattner, Chris Edwardsen, Scott Glazer, Corbett Gordon, Anne Hughes, Ric Miller, Cynthia Chilton (2011); Bob Graves, Leiza Price, Barbara Slaughter, Jack Anliker, Lynn Takata, Starbucks, Steve Frison, Rosetta Forbes (2012); Vicky Hahn, Tammie Martin, Linda Sprau, Leslie Black, Megan Malone (2013).

Community Partner Award

Given to an organization(s) with whom Friendly House partners formally (i.e. by contract) and whom we feel have been strong partners in providing service to our community.

2018: Elders in Action, First Presbyterian Church, Morrison Child & Family Services

Past Recipients:

2017: AARP/Cash Oregon, ESCO & ESCO Foundation, CE John, Thurman Street Collective; 2015: Carolyn “CJ” McGrath, Yoshida, Multnomah County Aging and Disability Services, with special recognition to Chris Wilson and Paul Iarrobino, Chapman Elementary School, (2003) Grant High School Vocational Mentoring Programand First Immanuel Lutheran Church (2004); Legal Aid of Oregon, Senior Law Project (2005), SHIBA (Senior Health Insurance Benefits Assistance) (2006); Store to Door (2007), AARP of Oregon, Easter Seals CSEP, Food Front Cooperative Grocery (2008); Chapman Elementary School, Hand 2 Mouth Theatre (2009); Morrison Child & Family Services, Providence ElderPlace (2010); Metropolitan Community Church, Forest Park Federal Credit Union (2011); Portland Children’s Levy, Metro Central Enhancement Fund, VIEWS (2012); Multnomah County ADSD, Neighborhood House, Northwest Neighborhood Veterinary Hospital (2013).

Evelyn Hall Award

Adopted from SHARE in 2012, recognizes a volunteer whose efforts support LGBT causes.

2018: Delores Jolly

Past Recipients:

2017: Ruth Szilagyi; SAGE Housing Committee (2015) Glen Ulmer, Neil (Nikki) Heilpern, Bruce Meisner (2012); Gay & Grey Speakers Bureau, Peg Hackenbruck (2013).

Ruth Roth Lifetime Achievement Award

Honors individuals whose careers and life’s work have greatly contributed to the advancement of Friendly House’s mission.

2018: Linda Campbell

Past Recipients: 2017: Joan Shireman; 2015: Mike Ryerson; 2012: Ruth Roth.

Rev. Edd W. Crawford Service Award

Established in 1998, awarded to an individual or organization that has made outstanding contributions to the community through Friendly House.

2018: Cynthia Crose

Past recipients:

2017: Staver–O’Neill Family; Hazel Sherwood (1998); Nick Santangelo (1999); Gloria Gray (2000); Pauline Sharkey (2001); Bonnie Groshong (2002); Frank Dixon (2003), David Miles & Susan Smallsreed (2004); Joan Shireman (2005); Preston Holt (2006); Rick Michaelson (2007); Mike Ryerson (2008); ESCO (2009); Dale Jackson (2010); Anonymous (2011); David & Linda Swanson (2012); Mary Crawford (2013).

Youth Volunteer Award

Given to a young person or group of young people (under age 21) that has made a significant volunteer contribution to one or more of Friendly House’s programs.

2018: Snapper King, Sasha McCoskey

Past recipients:

2017: Sebastian Olijve & Olive Briske; Gianna D’Amico; Jill Pollard and Taylor Stevenson (1999); (Not awarded in 2001); David Shambry, Alexandra Lewis (2002); Emily Forsyth, Class Academy (2003), Haley Freedlund and Anthony Miles (2004), Johanna Steinbrecher (2005); Michael Love, Tigard High School CE2, St Mary’s Academy (2007), Westview High School Key Club, Jesuit High School, and CHINOOKS Reading Buddies (2008); Griffin Gaffney, Jonathan Mena (2009); Beth Smilkstein, Steele Tsoumas (2010); Bishop Family (2011); Julia Sheets (2012).

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