Success Stories

From a participant in our Gay & Grey Program

One year ago I, as a Lesbian, had to move from my independent home into a +62 apartment complex. I reluctantly chose to go back into the closet. Once in my new home and community, I felt unsafe in coming out of the closet and set about letting the residence get to know me first. Meanwhile, there was a Gay & Grey group sponsored by Friendly House. This group proved to be my release from the closet.

I have attended many Gay & Grey events , which included attending several administrative meetings where by a process of finding LGBT friendly housing was tackled. A survey and training session packet was developed. Several of our members went to training classes at Friendly House to prepare them for going out into the field and personally interviewing housing complex managers and residents to find LGBT friendly places. I had heard about the success to date and about four months ago asked the G&G facilitator at Friendly House to put my place of residence on the list to have a training session.

Finally, to make a long story short, we had the training session and it was fantastic, better than my wildest dreams. The three volunteers, house director and seven residents left two hours later with a warm and positive feeling. I did come out during the question and answer session and it has proven to be wonderful.

Now I can live my final days without fear, at least in this place.  Thank you Friendly House folks. Your support and recognition of our Gay & Grey group has been priceless.

Friendly Fruit – A Jam Fundraiser for Friendly House Preschool

“I did not want to miss the chance to help out with jam making to benefit the Preschool.  It was a very special place for my son and I want future kids to have as much, if not more, at the Preschool.” Alice David, former Preschool parent

“Making jam for the Friendly House Preschool was a wonderful way for my boys and me to give back to the Preschool.” Christyne Marten, former Preschool parent and Friendly House Board of Director member

“Summer in Portland is synonymous with three things: sunshine, kiddos, & berries! When we make Friendly Fruit jam, I feel like we’ve “jammed” a bit of NW summer to savor all year long.”  Janet Darwich, former Preschool parent

And a big thanks to Columbia Farms U-pick for their donation of all the raspberries and blackberries and Unger Farms for their strawberries.  This year our generous corporate sponsors were Boly:Welch and Scott Kennedy, Realtor.

Homemade jam makes a great gift for yourself, your family and for hostess and holiday gifts! Price: $6 per jar or 3 jars for $15

Where can you purchase this terrific jam, proceeds of which directly support the Friendly House Preschool Program (including a brand new commercial-grade play structure with a recycled rubber tile floor)? Look for it at the Friendly House Crawford Building front desk, The Dragonfly Coffee House and Bakery on Thurman and 24th and coming soon to the shelves of Food Front.

Can you help us get to our jam sales goal faster? Sell to your friends and family!

Contact Monique at or (503)228-4391 ext. 134 to obtain order forms.

jam photo 2

Left to right: Maya Darmawi-Hicks  and Amanda Darmawi (former Preschool student and her mother)

jam photo 1

Left to right: Monique Eldridge (Director of Development, Friendly House Inc.), Lauren Spillers and Kelly Spillers (Volunteer Vixens)


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