Friendly House

Welcome to Friendly House, a non-profit neighborhood center and social service agency in Portland, Oregon.


Success Stories!

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Comments from Volunteers

“The Friendly House team is AMAZING! I am so impressed with all of the great services FH offers to the community, and the dedication and professionalism of its team!”

“I really appreciate everything you do to help the community. We need more of that, especially in these rocky times.”

“Y’all are doing great work and I’m honored to be a part of it!”

What's New

Seeking Artists for the Wildwood Arts Fair

Saturday, December 1st.

5th Annual Friendly House Art Sale!

Please join us for our 5th Annual Wildwood Neighborhood Artisan Sale. Help us introduce our community to talented local artists, helping to promote and support the amazing artisans that our area holds. Moreover, donations from the event support the valuable programming offered here at Friendly House. We’re a non-profit neighborhood center and social service agency whose mission is to create a thriving community by connecting people of all ages and backgrounds through quality educational, recreational, and life-sustaining services.

We thank you for your time, art, and consideration. We look forward to meeting you and your great work.