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*SAGE Yard Work: A SAGE senior needs some help with yard work during the month of April. His regular Friendly Visitor is unavailable until mid-May, but spring is here and things are growing. So weeding, mowing, pruning, trimming, raking, sweeping.

Graphic Designer: Several Friendly House staff are looking for an experienced, professional-level graphic designer to create marketing materials for events, programs, etc. Large & small projects. We are seeking someone with knowledge and skill in basic computer design programs and past experience in graphic design. If you are interested in learning more, please let us know.

Friendly Visitor (male): An elderly gentleman needs some guy time with a male volunteer a few hours a month.  He is not verbal or mobile, but he is cognitively aware of his surroundings.  His brain continues to crave interaction, even if he is not entirely able to communicate.  He has many female caregivers and his wife, who engage with him every day. His wife was the one who suggested a male friendly visitor. She is incredibly amazing at communicating with him. It sounds like she’s hoping for someone who wouldn’t mind chatting without expectation of dialogue.  Maybe reading something out loud, watching a sports game, or even philosophizing in a stream of conscience kind of way. Just a guy to energetically be in the room with him for a few hours a month.

Friendly Visitor/Cleaner: We need someone kind, sensitive and patient to assist a wonderful older gentleman in preparing for a “muck out” and who is able/willing to be present when the much out occurs (unscheduled at this point so we can be somewhat flexible with regard to when that happens). This person would have to have a high tolerance for clutter, unpleasant odors and cramped spaces. Mostly, this task will involve working with the client 1-3 times prior to the muck out to help him to make decisions about what stays and what goes. They will not have to do any of the heavy lifting. At this point, the client is open and welcoming of the assistance. I’ve not met him but understand him to be a delightful person, easy to get along with, educated and articulate. FH CM staff will be happy to make initial introductions if requested and provide support to the volunteer throughout the process.

Friendly Visitor/Organizer: A longtime client recently had a hip replacement. She has received a lot of confusing paperwork and bills that are overwhelming her. We believe the client not to be a strong reader and likely only needs assistance in organizing, sorting out what is actually a bill, and what is junk mail. If the volunteer were skilled and/or interested, the client may need support in advocating for a payment plan or help in filling out paperwork for charity care (for a reduction in the bills). We think this client might work better with a woman and she has a ton of cats! She is a wonderful woman!

Gay & Grey Expo Planning: The next LGBT conference is in October; we’re planning now and can use your help with program content, logistics, marketing, fundraising. Experience is helpful, but enthusiasm, commitment and desire to help LGBT seniors is just as important. Click here to see a more detailed description of this project.


 Volunteer Application for Short- and Long-term Volunteering




One-time Volunteer Application (or send an email). If you completed a long-term volunteer application already, no need to complete both.


An asterisk (*) indicates a potential group project. Group Volunteer Application.


*Monthly Flyering: We’re looking for volunteers who can commit to posting flyers and newsletters at designated places around town on a monthly basis–grocery stores, community bulletin boards, etc. Some in NW but many others maybe in your neighborhood. Usually the first week each month. (4-8 volunteers)

*House Chores: We’re always looking for volunteers who can help seniors with one-time house chores and/or errands. Vacuuming, cleaning a kitchen or bathroom, organizing, taking items to Goodwill, grocery shopping. Sometimes these are on short notice. Please let us know if we can contact you when these projects pop up.

Internships: We often have internship opportunities for students & others wishing to develop relevant professional skills & gain experience in a social services setting. Internships may include seniors, children, families, administration, events and more.

Senior Program volunteer orientation: The last Wednesday each month, 6-7pm, you can learn about the latest and ongoing opportunities to work with seniors. RSVP required.

 Contact our Volunteer Coordinator with questions.

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