Board of Directors

2014-2015 Board of Directors

President  Regina Hauser, Neighborhood

Vice-President   Aaron Lande, At-Large

Treasurer  Jan Pailthorp,

Secretary  Cynthia Crose, First Presbyterian

Jutta Allen, At Large

Doug Blomgren, First Presbyterian

Amy Gray, Neighborhood

Christyne Martin, Neighborhood

Dick McFall, First Presbyterian

Susan Miner, First Presbyterian

Marylee Morris, Neighborhood

Amber Nettleton, First Presbyterian

Tonya Nichols, Neighborhood

Marion Pender, Neighborhood

Liz Schilling, Neighborhood

Sam Galbreath, First Presbyterian

Rachel Showalter Inman, First Presbyterian

Josh McAtee, At Large

Kim Sordyl, Neighborhood


For Frequently Asked Questions about the Board of Directors, click here (PDF).

Current Bylaws.

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