Board of Directors

2013-2014 Board of Directors

President  Sam Galbreath, First Presbyterian

Vice-President   Rachel Showalter Inman, First Presbyterian

Treasurer  Ruth Roth, Neighborhood

Secretary  Mary Ann Watson, At-Large

Doug Blomgren, First Presbyterian

Michael Bigelow, At-Large

Cynthia Crose, First Presbyterian

Amy Gray, Neighborhood

Regina Hauser, Neighborhood

David Kafoury, Neighborhood

Aaron Lande, At-Large

Christyne Martin, Neighborhood

Dick McFall, First Presbyterian

Susan Miner, First Presbyterian

Marylee Morris, Neighborhood

Amber Nettleton, First Presbyterian

Tonya Nichols, Neighborhood

Marion Pender, Neighborhood

Julie Proksch, At-Large

John Purdy, First Presbyterian

Liz Schilling, Neighborhood


For Frequently Asked Questions about the Board of Directors, click here (PDF).

Current Bylaws.

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